30 Rock Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set

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30 Rock Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set premiered on October 11, 2006 in NBC in the United States. After it launched, it won an Emmy, Golden Globe and many other awards.
Liz Lemon (Tina Fey ornaments) is the chief writer of a popular comedy show “The Girlie Show”. Her future is certainly magnanimous. But the old boss was died of illness, the newly appointed Jake (Alec Baldwin ornaments) is a fussy person. Hardly had he taken on his duty when a lot of things were caused. A bunch of star performers in this program also brought troubles. For a time, Liz had to face with many problems. Liz must learn to overcome various problems and to solve the difficulties for keeping her job for 30 Rock DVD Box Set, for maintain the program consistently good ratings and staying awake under pressure. Liz’s smooth life was broke up. In order to make everything be on the right track, she must find a right way.

I once obsessed with Sex and the City and must repeat to watch it every day at lunch. I once even supported the Desperate Housewives, thus I propagandized it to everyone. I am not y drama fan as you think. I am just a little woman who loves to eat, sleep and gossip. I can not keep up with the space of the heavy hormonal breath Prison Break. I also do not like cruel survival taste LOST. The story of a group of women makes me happy and worry. I imagined myself as a certain one of them, or simply acting as a synthetic of them, experiencing the newness of life forever.

The protagonist of30 Rock Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set is only one woman. She conquered me only within three episodes. After a long time I watched it at second time, I found the shot that she bought hot dogs in line in the first paragraph of the whole drama was very plain but appealing. Her hair was a little messy, and the clothes inconspicuous, but she bought all the hot dogs with a aggressive momentum. I like it.